Our Commitment

Our Commitment

To First Nations People

We acknowledge and pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Custodians and Communities.  Through our partnership with Government via the CSO, NPSA members are committed to guaranteeing indigenous communities, even in the most remote of primary healthcare locations, equal and timely access to their medicines. 

To all Australians

NPSA members are committed to providing all Australians equal, timely, safe and reliable access to vital medicines no matter where they live.  The link we provide, as Community Service Obligation (CSO) medicine wholesalers, is fundamental to the PBS and our primary healthcare system. We are committed to strengthening the links that save lives and supporting the health of all Australians.

To Government

NPSA members are committed to partnering with Government to maintain a safe and reliable supply chain that delivers on Government’s primary healthcare objectives and the National Medicines Policy.


Our commitment is underpinned by continual investment in our network capability – over the last five years our network has
spent more than $750 million in state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovation upgrades ensuring our partnership with Government and their investment in the PBS and the CSO delivers for all Australians.

To rural and remote communities

Our distribution networks have been servicing rural and remote communities for over 100 years.


NPSA members actively partner with Government to ensure equity of access to all PBS medicines in rural and remote locations.  We are committed to advocating to Government and stakeholders on the importance of funding and investing in a robust, reliable supply chain that can continue to support all Australians regardless of where they live.

To the medicines supply chain

NPSA members are committed to responding and adapting to the changing needs of the supply chain to ensure continuous supply to all Australians to effectively manage their health.


Whether due to advancements in medicine treatments requiring specialist handling, problem solving in times of national emergency or upscaling to manage surges in demand, our members will collaborate and share their expert knowledge to protect the stability of the supply chain.

To the environment

NPSA members are committed to working towards creating a sustainable future for all and operating in a responsible and ethical way.


We are driven to minimise our impact on the environment and fully support our people and the communities we serve. Ensuring compliance with specific regulatory and safety requirements, as well as good governance, is essential to the work we do.


Strengthening the links that save lives – and meeting the future health needs of all Australians – not only depends on our cooperation as members and our partnership with government, but working in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way. 


NPSA members are committed to working towards creating a sustainable future for all and operating in a responsible and ethical way.

To global medicine distribution networks

NPSA members are part of a global wholesale distribution network – an interdependent and finely attuned supply chain. Our members are committed to partnering with their global counterparts to improve medicine access whilst building a healthier and more sustainable industry.


The NPSA as a member of The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW), is committed to partner and contribute to projects that advance the industry and the best practice of medicine wholesaling. For more information visit www.ifpw.com