Our Operations

Our Distribution Centre Operations

NPSA’s wholesale medicine distribution network links all Australians to PBS, specialist medicines, vaccines and healthcare products needed every day.  


In times of calm, and in crisis – through floods, fires, and a global pandemic – we ensure safe and equitable medicine delivery.  The link we provide as CSO wholesalers is fundamental to our healthcare system and supporting the health of all Australians.  

01. Pharmacies Place Medicine Orders

Pharmacies all over Australia order their PBS medicines from NPSA pharmaceutical wholesalers.  Orders are placed via online portals for delivery to metro, rural or remote locations generally within 24 hours.

05. Bulk Storage

Every DC has bulk storage for medicines and healthcare products.  There can be thousands of different locations for products including storage in cold chain and secure facilities.

06. Decant

In larger DCs, around 80,000 – 100,00 units of medicines and healthcare products can be unpacked from their boxes per shift for storage and fulfillment of orders.

08. Hand Picking

At each station, more than 600 product lines per hour can be picked by hand to fulfill orders.

09. Automated Picking

Picking medicine orders also takes place using automated systems such as the A-Frame.

10. Preparing High-Care Medicines

This facility stores temperature sensitive medicines at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Orders for cold-chain medicines are picked and packed exclusively within this facility.

13. Order Dispatch to Metro Areas

Pharmacy orders destined for local metro areas are dispatched after rural and remote orders.  Some metro pharmacies will receive two deliveries a day if required.

14. Orders Delivered to Pharmacies

Medicine and healthcare products orders are delivered to any pharmacy, almost anywhere in the country, within 24 hours. Some DCs deliver up to 1.5 million orders per week via hundreds of delivery routes.