Our Network

Experts in Health Logistics

100 years of network knowledge

NPSA members have the proven ability to navigate the complexities of the vast Australian landscape.  Our national distribution network covers over a thousand routes delivering vital medicines to cities, coastal and rural locations and remote communities, generally within 24 hours of receiving an order.

Operating a complex, dynamic and technologically driven health logistics network

We have built and are continually enhancing a strong, agile network ensuring our partnership with Government and their investment in the PBS and CSO delivers for all Australians. Collectively we have invested more than $750 million over the last decade in state-of-the-art storage and distribution facilities, transport and a highly trained workforce.  

Delivering the PBS and supporting Australia's health system every day

Our network delivers more than 2 million PBS medicines and healthcare products every day to community pharmacies, public and private hospitals, aged care and other primary healthcare providers such as GP clinics. 

Our network of 27 Distribution Centres
in 11 cities serves all of Australia

Unique visibility across the medicines supply chain

We monitor and provide real-time data that assists Government and regulators in managing on-shore medicine shortages, product recalls or major unforeseen events.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPSA worked with Government and Regulators overseeing the supply chain to actively manage the impact of global medicine shortages ensuring fair distribution for all, even in the remotest communities, in the face of unprecedented surges in demand.

Emergency Management Response

Our network is strong and dependable.  It has demonstrated the capability to adapt to meet the challenges of climate change and extreme weather events, maintaining medicines access to impacted communities through bushfires and floods, power outages, storms and roadblocks.

Delivering medicines during emergencies has become a core competency of our operations, reinforcing the value of a robust and responsive supply chain network that all levels of Government can and do rely on.

Partnering with Government to deliver the
NDSS and NatRUM Programs

Our network extends to partnering with Government to distribute all products and devices listed on the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) to support Australians living with diabetes.


NPSA members also underpin the NatRUM Program – ensuring consumers can safely dispose of their unwanted medicines at all community pharmacies around Australia.